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Todd Joseph Miller net worth:
$4 Million

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T.J. Ford Net Worth, Biography, Wiki 2017-2016

Todd Joseph Miller was born on 4 June 1981, in Denver, Colorado USA, to Leslie, a clinical psychologist of German-Jewish, Austrian-Jewish and Russian-Jewish descent, and Kent Miller, an attorney of English, Swedish, German, and Scottish descent. He is an actor, voice actor, comedian and director, probably best known for starring in the HBO sitcom “Silicon Valley”.

So just how rich is T.J. Miller? According to sources in late 2016, Miller has amassed a net worth of over $4 million, earned through his involvement in the entertainment industry, which has been active since 2007.

T. J. Miller Net Worth $4 Million

Miller grew up in Denver, where he attended Graland Country Day School and East High School. He later enrolled at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., where he became a member of the comedy group GWU recess. He also studied classical acting at the British Academy of Dramatic Arts in Oxford, and circus arts at Frichess Theatre Urbain in Paris. Upon graduating with a BA in Psychology, Miller moved to Chicago to pursue a career in comedy. He performed with various improvisation and comedy sketch groups, such as Chuckle Sandwich, Bullet Lounge and Heavy Weight, and went on to tour with Chicago’s famed Second City troupe. He also performed stand-up at Chicago’s popular alternative room The Lincoln Lodge; his net worth was established.

Miller’s first television appearance was in the PBS show “The Standard Deviants”, after which he cast in the recurring role of Marmaduke Brooker in the ABC television series “Carpoolers” in 2007-2008. He made his film debut with the role of Hudson “Hud” Platt in the 2008 horror “Cloverfield”, both acting and providing his voice; his popularity started to rise. The following year he appeared in the films “The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard” and “Extract”, and went on to land roles in several films in 2010, including “She’s Out of My League”, “Get Him to the Greek”, “Gulliver’s Travel” and “Yogi Bear”. His other notable roles of the time include the films “Our Idiot Brother”, “Search Party” and the big-budget “Transformers: Age of Extinction”. He has also done various voice-over works, such as in two “How To Train Your Dragon” animated films, “Big Hero 6” and “Hell and Back”, as well as in a few video games. All contributed to his net worth.

In the meantime, Miller was active on television, making guest appearances in a number of television series, with recurring roles in “How to Rock”, “The Gorburger Show” and “The Jeselnik Offensive”. He starred as Jimmy Goodwin in the series “The Goodwin Games”, and provided his voice for the series “Gravity Falls”, “DreamWorks Dragons”, “American Dad!” and “High School USA!” As of 2014, Miller has starred as Erlich Bachman in the hit HBO sitcom “Silicone Valley”, the role which earned him the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series in 2015, and which significantly improved his status in the acting world, and his net worth as well.

Aside from film and television, Miller has done comedy as well, frequently performing stand-up on the “Connan” talk show and Comedy Central channel. Variety named him one of “10 Comics to Watch”, and one of Entertainment Weekly’s “Next Big Things in Comedy”. His stand-up special “No Real Reason” was picked up by Comedy Central in 2011., so Miller’s involvement in the comedy world has also been a source of his wealth.

The talented artist has been involved in music too. In 2011 he released a comedy Folk/Pop/Hip Hop concept album called “The Extended Play EP”, featuring several other comedians and hip-hop artists. The album was followed by “The Extended Play E.P. Illegal Art Remix Tape” and “Mash Up Audiofile” albums in 2012, adding somewhat to his net worth.

Miller has co-hosted “Podcast Red Bar Radio”, and has appeared on Doug Benson’s podcast “Doug Loves Movies” many times. In 2012, he began hosting his own comedy podcast entitled “Cashing in with TJ Miller”, along with his friend and fellow comedian Cash Levy, on the Nerdist Network, all no doubt boosting his net worth too.

In his private life, Miller has been married to Kate Gorney since 2015; the couple resides in Los Angeles.

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Won awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2015 Critics' Choice TV Award Critics Choice Television Awards Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Silicon Valley (2014)

Nominated awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2016 BTVA Feature Film Voice Acting Award Behind the Voice Actors Awards Best Vocal Ensemble in a Feature Film Hell and Back (2015) · Nick Swardson
· Bob Odenkirk
· Mila Kunis
· Rob Riggle
· Susan Sarandon
· Danny McBride
· David Koechner
· J.B. Smoove
· Maria Bamford
2016 Critics' Choice TV Award Critics Choice Television Awards Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Silicon Valley (2014)
2015 BTVA Feature Film Voice Acting Award Behind the Voice Actors Awards Best Male Vocal Performance in a Feature Film in a Supporting Role Big Hero 6 (2014)
2015 BTVA Feature Film Voice Acting Award Behind the Voice Actors Awards Best Vocal Ensemble in a Feature Film Big Hero 6 (2014) · Ryan Potter
· Scott Adsit
· Daniel Henney
· Jamie Chung
· Genesis Rodriguez
· Damon Wayans Jr.
· Maya Rudolph
· James Cromwell
· Alan Tudyk
2015 BTVA Feature Film Voice Acting Award Behind the Voice Actors Awards Best Vocal Ensemble in a Feature Film How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) · Jay Baruchel
· Cate Blanchett
· Gerard Butler
· Djimon Hounsou
· America Ferrera
· Kristen Wiig
· Jonah Hill
· Christopher Mintz-Plasse
· Craig Ferguson

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1 His father is of English, Swedish, German, and Scottish ancestry. His mother is of German Jewish, Austrian Jewish, and Russian Jewish descent.
2 His performance in 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' was pre-nominated for a Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actor.
3 Hosts podcast "Cashing in with TJ Miller" with fellow comedian Cash Levy where they regularly discuss masks and mask related questions.
4 Los Angeles. [January 2008]
5 T.J. was Head Boy at Denver East High School and graduated magna cum laude from George Washington University.
6 Did not win Best Stand Up when he was at the final HBO Aspen Comedy Festival 2007.
7 Was one of Variety's Top Ten Comics to Watch 2008.
8 Studied stilt walking, physical theater and circus acrobatics at Frichess Theatre Urbain. Studied at B.A.D.A in 2001.
9 He is fluent in Castellano (Spanish). He has translated for surgeons in Peru with the medical mission "PAMS".

1 [2011, on She's Out Of My League] That one, they passed on me. They said they didn't like my audition, originally. They were going to go a different direction. Then Cloverfield came out, and I was well-reviewed, they came back, "We'd like you to do the movie." That was my first taste in Hollywood that people go with the hype. They go where the direction, the momentum is going...I actually was considering not taking the role because, I don't know, it was pretty broad, the script. But everyone said it will change in the execution. Another good lesson. People love that movie, they seem to like me in it. So I'm really pleased. I'm always so amazed by which performances work really, really well and which ones don't. But I think it's just mostly, She's Out Of My League, so many people saw that movie on DVD and on the plane, and I like to say it's the perfect hangover movie - a very solid comedy you can drift through without thinking. Millions of people saw and loved that movie. That's the reason I'm somewhat famous and have so much trouble at TSA.
2 [2011, on Get Him To The Greek] That is another one I improvised. I brought in actual beer. I brought in malt liquor and dressed like a gangster, because that was the original scene. And they thought that was pretty funny. Then they asked us to improvise a scene where I was the concierge, and I did it, and it was pretty hilarious. They were into it, and they cast me on it. I think I'm on screen for less than a minute or something. It's my favorite role in the movie; I wouldn't have taken any other role...That was a fun one. Those guys are cool. [Director] Nick Stoller is great. A very laid-back set. Russell Brand is lovely, even though he's a weirdo.
3 [2011, on Our Idiot Brother] Yeah, that was weird. Chris Pratt couldn't do it, I guess. He got something else. They had cast him in that role, then he couldn't do it so they offered me the role. I never auditioned for it, which was a first. They said, "You know, we think you'd be good in this, would you like to do it?" And I said, "Uh, yeah. Sure. Of course." Because I couldn't believe the cast. The cast was so amazing, the script was great, and they ended up letting me improvise a lot as well. And they wrote new scenes for us after it got distribution at Sundance, the candle scene for one. I really enjoyed that part. That's another one where people enjoyed the film, seemed to enjoy my part in it, but when I was doing it, just like in Extract, I didn't think anything I was doing was that funny. Sometimes things need to be so understated on film that I don't even see them as funny, which isn't my favorite style, comedically. When I watch film comedy, I like people that are a little bit more alive on the screen, and wound up. I like volatility and unpredictability and other long words like those.
4 [2011, on Gulliver's Travels] That was one where I didn't know what was going on, and I felt like-I don't know. I did a pilot [Waiting To Die], and it didn't go. I found that out in the morning, I was on set of Get Him To The Greek in the afternoon, devastated. Then I get a call from WME "Oh, it's good because now you can do Gulliver's Travels." I was like, "What? What is that? Did I audition for that?" They were like, "You auditioned for it months and months ago. They really liked you." I remember that audition, they did not like me. I did very poorly in the regular audition, then the director said, "Why don't you just improvise one? Just do an improvised scene." And I did that, and he loved that. So that was another one where it ended up behooving me to work free-form. Most things I get hired on, I get hired because I improvise something funny, or they just think I look weird...So they flew me out to London, and every day I worked with Jack Black. And he's incredible. He's one of those guys in Hollywood where everybody says "he's so great, he's so great" and you think "okay sure, he's going to be such a terrible weirdo." And then he isn't. He's the greatest.
5 [2011, on Unstoppable] I don't know how that happened. Ethan Suplee and I would always turn to each other on the set and be like, "What are we doing here again? How is this possible? Why are we in this action film with Denzel Washington?" He did two other movies with Denzel Washington. But they asked me to audition for it, and I said, "Well, what is it?" And they said, "It's this train movie." I was like, "What? I don't think I would be good in that." They were like, "No, they sort of want the two first guys to be funny." I said, "I don't see how this could be funny, because the sides are like 'Dewey, take D-nine down to track 14. Six-four. It's a three-one-seven.'" It's all railroad jargon, there's no way to make that hilarious. And so I went in, I did it, it was fine, and they asked me to do a callback. I came in, and Tony Scott is in the room. I was like, "I love [The Taking Of] Pelham 123," because I'm such a huge fan of his. I love his movies. I went in, I was kind of joking with him, and I did this audition. It wasn't really funny, but he was laughing the whole time. I think it was because I look funny to him. I think the idea of me and Ethan Suplee working on a railroad for whatever reason makes him laugh. So he gave me the part. It was pretty funny, not the part as much as being in a Denzel Washington action film about an unstoppable train.
6 [2011, on Extract] It was an underrated film. Mike Judge usually receives underwhelming acclaim for his movies when they come out, it takes a while for people to catch up. That was one where I loved the script; I just really thought it was incredible. It was one of the best scripts I read in Hollywood. That was one of the only films I really pursued. That and Yogi Bear, I pursued ironically, I did that whole thing as a joke, from that weird audition with the bear all the way through. But Extract, I really wanted. There was only one part I could be, and I don't look at all like the character description. And Mike Judge is an animator, so he has very clear pictures of what he wants in his mind. So I auditioned, I was funny, and he really likes me, but he kept saying, "No, no, he doesn't look right." So I said I would do anything. Finally, I found a way to email him. I said, "I'll change my appearance, whatever you need." He said, "Okay, would you shave the side of your head and dye your hair black, straighten it, make it long, and we'll put in all these fake piercings and tattoos?" And I said "Okay." And every morning, it took three or four hours to get everything ready. Hours in the trailer sitting next to Gene Simmons as he got his weird hair treatments.
7 [2011, on getting into acting] I acted in high school, and studied at the British American Drama Academy in Oxford for one summer. I minored in theater, and I was always acting growing up, but really, I was just more interested in the comedy of it all. So for me, it's always comedy-- acting is just one medium of comedy.
8 [2011, on Carpoolers] That was such a weird thing. I got that out of Chicago. I'd just signed with these managers, not just just, but I had been working with them for a while, and I got this audition, and they said, "We think you'd be great for this role, it's a great part." My managers represented Bruce McCulloch, and on the way to the audition, I was in the car on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, and I remember very clearly where I had this moment where-I'd auditioned for a bunch of pilots outside of Chicago, and I was like, "I'm sick of trying to do what I think people will like. Sick of trying to do what I think will get a booking. I'm just going to do what I think is ridiculous." So I wore only underwear and a shirt toddler style in the audition, and I brought a fake bookcase and set it behind me (because both things were in the script), and did a very bizarre take on the character, and they liked it. I flew out to do the network test and then I got the part. While filming the pilot I only ate sushi; breakfast lunch and dinner, and I drove the funniest rental car they could rent me, a Chevy HHR (Heritage High Roof) Retro-styled station wagon. I think I got mercury poisoning. From the sushi. Not the HHR.
9 (2011, on Cloverfield) I didn't even know I was auditioning for Cloverfield. It was the first time I'd ever really been to Hollywood. I was doing the pilot for Carpoolers, an ABC sitcom that I was on that got canceled after 13 episodes. They said somebody wanted to see me, they'd seen me in Aspen. The casting director of Paramount, she introduced me to this younger casting director. We had this meeting, and she said, "I have this role that I think you'd be perfect for. We don't have real sides, I'll send you fake sides." And I didn't understand what that meant. So she sent me sides, and it seemed like a terrible romantic teen comedy, like a Love Story thing. It was really awful. And I read for the wrong role in the beginning, I read for the serious part, and I was terrible. They just gave me the wrong sides. Then they asked me to read this other part that was a bit funnier. I said, "Okay, yeah, I can do that." So I did that, and it went really well, and I got a callback and did it in front of J.J. Abrams. I didn't know who that was, because I didn't watch Lost. I just remember going in thinking, "I don't know what this is, and I don't care that much how the audition goes." I got pretty crazy, and I was up on the table. I really acted ridiculous. It worked, and they cast me first. I was the first person cast in that film. And then of course I get the script, and then I find out that it's a monster movie, and I'll be filming most of it, which I did not know either. That's the other weird thing, to get a huge, $20 million movie, and then you go, "Oh, and I'm filming it, also?" It's weird. Weird first experience.
10 I have perfectly symmetrical ankles.
11 I consider myself to be one of if not THE foremost talking bear comedian(s) in The United States. There is a guy in Canada, but he sucks.

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