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Ja Rule Net Worth, Biography, Wiki in 2017-2016

How rich is Ja Rule?

Ja Rule net worth:
$5 Million

Ja Rule information

Ja Rule information

Birth date: October 15, 1976
Birth place: Queens
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Profession:Actor, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Rapper

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Ja Rule Net Worth, Biography, Wiki 2017-2016

Jeffrey Atkins, to the audience known by the stage name of Ja Rule, is a famous American rap artist, musician, actor, as well as a songwriter. Ja Rule’s rise to prominence started in 1999 with the release of his first studio album called “Venni Vetti Vecci”. Even though the album was released to generally mixed reviews, it peaked at #3 on the music chart and sold more than 184 000 copies during its debut week on the market, resulting in a Platinum certification from the RIAA.

Ja Rule Net Worth $5 Million

Often compared to such artists as Tupac Shakur and DMX, Ja Rule has grown to be one of the best hip hop stars in the industry. Largely due to the success of his debut album, Ja Rule was given a chance to join the “Murder Inc.” rap group created by Irv Gotti. It was later renamed to “Murder Inc. Records” and had such artists as Ashanti, Lloyd Banks, R&B trio Blaque and Nicole Wray under their label. During his rapping career, Ja Rule had an opportunity to work with some of the most known artists in the industry, including Jennifer Lopez with whom he collaborated on the song “Ain’t It Funny”, Christina Millian, Ashanti, R. Kelly and others.

A famous rap artist, how rich is Ja Rule? In 2006, Ja Rule managed to collect $8 million for his tour and album sales, while in 2012 he added $3450 from the sales of his album entitled “Pain is Love 2”. In regards to his total wealth, Ja Rule’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million, the majority of which comes from his career as a rapper and actor.

Ja Rule was born in 1976, in Queens, New York, where he studied at the Public School 134. Ja Rule’s first introduction to rapping was in 1993, when he joined “Cash Money Click”. Several years later, Ja Rule was heard on Mic Geronimo’s song entitled “Time to Build”, which also featured Jay-Z and DMX. Soon after that, Ja Rule debuted with “Venni Vetti Vecci” and became a known face in the music industry. Following the success of his debut album, Ja Rule released his second studio album in 2000 under the name of “Rule 3:36”. The album proved to be an even bigger success than its predecessor, and even though the critical reviews were mixed, “Rule 3:36” peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart and sold more than 276 000 copies during its debut week. The album was later certified three-times Platinum by the RIAA. To date, Ja Rule has released seven studio albums, the majority of which became commercially successful in the market.

In addition to his rapping career, Ja Rule is also well-known as an actor. Ja Rule made his acting debut in a 2000 action hood film with Jason Statham, Faith Evans and Pras called “Turn It Up”. A year later he starred in a box office hit “The Fast and the Furious” with Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, where he played a supporting role. Some of Rule’s other appearances include “Scary Movie 3”, “Don’t Fade Away” and “Furnace”.

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Nominated awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2005 Teen Choice Award Teen Choice Awards Choice Rap Artist in a Movie Assault on Precinct 13 (2005)
2003 Grammy Grammy Awards Best Rap/Sung Collaboration · Ashanti
2002 Grammy Grammy Awards Best Rap Album For the album "Pain Is Love."

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1 Is notorious for canceling his shows. He reportedly canceled one show so he could go to a L.A. Lakers game.
2 Released Greatest Hits album called "Exodus" on December 6th - the same day Eminem released his Greatest Hits album, "Curtain Call: The Hits". Ja Rule did this to compete with Eminem's record sales, and to fulfill his deal with Def Jam. However, the album was a comparative failure. It sold approximately 500,000 copies. [December 2005]
3 Releasing fifth album "Blood In My Eye" due out November. [October 2003]
4 Released fourth album, "The Last Temptation" [November 2002]
5 Signed the rapper from the Outlawz Hussein Fatal to Murder Inc, also known as the Inc. [November 2005]
6 Released fifth album "Blood In My Eye", an attempt to strengthen his street credibility. The album failed to reach platinum status. [November 2003]
7 Has been rapping since 1984.
8 Has been rapping since 1995.
9 Has an ongoing feud with rapper 50 Cent.
10 Did a collaboration, with rock band Metallica, called 'We Did It Again'.
11 Is a Leap Year baby, since his birthday is February 29.
12 Father, with Aisha Atkins, of daughter Britney (born in 1995) and son Jeff Jnr (born in August 2000).

1 My family was Jehovah's Witnesses, which is a really tough religion. It kind of deterred me from religion for a long time. They still practice, but I don't. But I always remained spiritual, and had a belief that there is a God. I'm trying to find my way, you know?
2 That's the unwritten rule in hip-hop. If I get on a record with you, I want to smash you. That's it. Every MC knows that. If I'm on a track with you, I want to be the best on the track. That's just how it is in hip-hop.
3 When you go to jail, there's so much simple stuff missing. You just want some good toilet paper or a real toothbrush, a real blanket and a real bed to lay in.
4 Prison has humbled me in a lot of ways, because when you go to prison, I became 11 R 2024 you know, I wasn't Ja Rule the superstar. I wasn't any of that. I was just a regular inmate.
5 I came into the rap game in 1992; my life was changing, but my group wasn't successful; I also saw the biggest rappers in the world die all of a sudden in the ensuing years, so it was a matter of conquering yourself before you can conquer the world.
6 Film and TV and stuff like that was something that I wanted to do when I was really, really little; like, I remember I used to do these plays with my cousins. We used to do Michael Jackson performances, and I would be Michael.
7 I think it's time that we all be there for the children, to learn from the ones who came before us, and to teach our sons and daughters to have respect for themselves. Break the cycle.
8 I believe in God and a higher power. I'm still not the religious type per se because religion tore my family apart. I'm still a little scared and skeptical being one with any faith.
9 The best decision I ever made, period, was to get into the music business.
10 Acting was something I always wanted to try. I just didn't know how, or I didn't know when the door was gonna be open for me to try it. But it finally opened up for me when I did 'Turn It Up', and ever since then I've been in love with doing films.
11 There is only one me.
12 The public makes it so that we have to keep assaulting each other.
13 These companies are in it for their dollars, and whatever is hot that is what they follow.
14 I'm married, I have three children, I never hit my wife.
15 Music is my heart, but I see television and more movies in the next stage of my life.
16 My role now is as an artist and as a mogul to inspire and give others opportunities.
17 Jail is definitely not cool. Education is.
18 It's always good to be working.
19 I just like music that I can relate to, something to listen to in my car.
20 I got started in 1995, working in a group called The Cash Money Click.
21 I would love to do something like 'Beverly Hills Cop'. I'd get to be funny and cool and heroic all in the same breath.
22 I went through a lot of phases and studied many religions. I am not into religion, I am spiritual.
23 I love music; it's my passion.
24 Galley Molina's a great inspiration and role model for a lot of young kids out there.
25 I got a cold feeling toward religion in general. I don't think God would want to separate families.
26 Every religion there's something foul going on.
27 I don't want people to get confused. I'm not going to be putting out a gospel album.
28 I get mad quick and and go off at the handle quick.
29 I love to see my family together. That's what life is about. It's about family.
30 People think being famous is so glamorous, but half the time you're in a strange hotel room living out of a suitcase.
31 I wanted to go into prison and come out a better person - mentally, physically. So, I read a lot of books, got my GED while I was in there, and worked out every day. Strong body, strong mind.
32 I feel like unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment, it blocks the flows of God's blessings in life.
33 We, as artists, we have the right to express ourselves. That is our first amendment, freedom of speech. But I also believe that we have an obligation to the youth to be somewhat responsible in what we say on records. But I think that comes with age. I think that comes with artists growing up and becoming assured of who they are as people.
34 After doing two years in prison, trust me, I've seen a lot of tough guys pray. They're not just praying for themselves; they're praying for their family and the people they've let down.
35 I stopped going to Kingdom Hall, the church, when I was 11 years old, so I was very young. They don't celebrate birthdays, you get no Christmas, so it's a very difficult religion for children to get into. And they do a lot of finger-pointing among the Jehovah's Witnesses.
36 I'm an adrenaline guy. I like to do stuff that gets my blood pumping, like roller coasters or jumping out of planes. I'm into all that crazy stuff.
37 I prayed every night that God would keep my family safe. But as far as religion goes, I feel like everyone should have their own one-on-one with God.
38 Right now I'm on my God flow, you know what I mean? I got Job 1:21 tattooed on my chest.
39 I've always been a spiritual person who believed in a Higher Power. So, I've always had my 1-on-1 with God, even if I wasn't much of a religious person.
40 I believe in God and not religion, because I believe religion is the double cross. Because I've been double crossed by three religions, so I think I can safely say that religion - there is maybe something wrong with religion. Every temple that's put up may not be a holy one, so watch out.
41 Pain is love.
42 Being incarcerated is truly very serious, and it has changed my life to such an extent that breaking the cycle has become my sole focus. Jail is definitely not cool. Education is.
43 Who made these laws? That's what I want to know. So that's why I wear two crosses now. I call it double cross. I believe in God-not religion.
44 I'm a breakfast type of guy. Don't get me wrong. I can cook, I'm kinda nice on the burner, but I enjoy making breakfast. I do it all... Scrambled eggs... French toast... Pancakes... Breakfast is my thing.
45 That is our first amendment, freedom of speech. But I also believe that we have an obligation to the youth to be somewhat responsible in what we say on records. But I think that comes with age. I think that comes with artists growing up and becoming assured of who they are as people.
46 As far as religion goes, I feel like everyone should have their own one-on-one with God.
47 A lot of people say I tried to emulate Tupac, but when I look back at my career, we're very different artists. I took pages out of Pac's book, of course, and lots of other rappers - Biggie, Nas - of course you take pages out of those books, but you eventually make it your own thing. And I think I did a good job of that.
48 I think it's time that we all be there for the children, to learn from the ones who came before us, and to teach our sons and daughters to have respect for themselves.
49 I've signed a few sneakers in my day.
50 The rules, religion to religion that man set forth, made me shy away from religion and have my own one on one with God and cut out the middleman.
51 As far as rap goes, I grew up in Hollis, Queens, so early influences were people like Run DMC and LL Cool J.
52 Be very nervous of the shaky hands.
53 I've done a lot of films that all have been pretty edgy.

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