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Benazir Bhutto Net Worth

Benazir Bhutto Net Worth, Biography, Wiki in 2017-2016

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Benazir Bhutto information

Benazir Bhutto information

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Benazir Bhutto Net Worth, Biography, Wiki 2017-2016

Benazir Bhutto; 21 June 1953 – 27 December 2007 was a Pakistani politician and stateswoman who served as the 11th Prime Minister of Pakistan for two non-consecutive terms from 1988 to 1990 and then from 1993 to 1996. A scion of the politically powerful Bhutto family, she w... Wikipedia

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1 Mther, Nusrat Begum Bhutto died in Dubai. Asif Ali Zardari, Benazir Bhutto's husband, turned out for the burial in the family's ancestral town of Garhi Khuda Bakhsh in the Larkana District in Sind province. (October 2011).
2 The government of United Arab Emirates contributed 500,000 Dollars to UN for Benazir Bhutto's assassination probe in July of 2009.
3 In July 2009 her widower Asif Ali Zardari announced that he is going to give their older daughter , Bakhtawar , an important post in their party, PPP.
4 The World Population Federation awarded the 'Best Mother Award' to the assassinated former Pakistan Prime Minister on 10th of May 2009.
5 On 7th of April 2009 a UN team arrived in Pakistan to lay the groundwork for a probe by the world body into the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.
6 Jessica Lange was one of her favorite actresses.
7 Ban Kimoon announced the formation of a commission to investigate Benazir Bhutto's killing during a flying visit to Islamabad on 4th of February 2009.
8 At the family home in Dubai, where she lived in exile, Benazir's bedroom is locked. On the bedside table sits the manuscript of a book she finished writing a day before she was killed. "I sleep in the next room, because the children and I don't want to lose her scent,". says Asif Ali Zardari Bhutto's widower.
9 Benazir Bhutto's daughter , Bakhtawar , wrote and performed a rap song in memory of her mother Benazir Bhutto on 5th of January 2009. The title of the song is "I Would Take The Pain Away".
10 On the eve of her first death anniversary, the sale of her portraits and pictures touched a record high.
11 More than 150,000 Pakistanis flocked to the mausoleum of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto after some walked hundreds of miles to offer flowers and kiss her grave on the first anniversary of her assassination on 28th of December.
12 The State Bank of Pakistan issued about 300,000 special 10-rupee (16 US cents) coins in the memorial of Benazir's first anniversary of her death. The coin read in Urdu language, "We love Daughter of the East, Benazir Bhutto".
13 Bilawal Bhutto received the top UN human rights prize awarded posthumously to Pakistan's PM Benazir Bhutto on 10th of December 2008.
14 In January 2007, there were rumors that Benazir and Asif were divorcing but soon PPP contradicted these reports, terming them "baseless propaganda" against the PPP and its leaders. Benazir Bhutto's spokesman Farhatullah Babar said that it was a "baseless, false and bogus story". He said that Benazir and Zardari were living together and had no differences and they were still in love.
15 The UN General Assembly on 27th of November 2008 announced it would give its 2008 human rights awards posthumously to Pakistan's prime minister Benazir Bhutto and Dorothy Stang, a French Catholic nun.
16 Benazir's mother has been in a coma since 2003 and is still unaware of the death of her daughter.
17 Her daughter, Bakhtawar, migrated from Dubai to London in order to complete her education in September 2008.
18 Her widower Asif Ali Zardari became Pakistan's president on 7th of September 2008 only nine months after Bhutto's assassination.
19 On November 8, 2007, was placed under house arrest just a few hours before she was due to lead and address a rally against the state of emergency. She continued her speeches in the yard of her house.
20 Bhutto's widower Asif Ali Zardariwas nominated for the post of presidency after president Musharraf resigned on 18th of August 2008.
21 For concentrating on important issues most of the time she listened to Bach and Hayden music.
22 She was close friend of Dr Safdar Abbasi and his wife Nahid khan.
23 The walls of Benazir's Dubai villa are full of her late father's photos.
24 The former prime minister was interested in classical music.
25 The "More Human World Award" was conferred posthumously on Bhutto for her services in the field of democracy and humanity on 30th June 2008. The award was received by her daughter Bakhtawar Bhutto.
26 The stamps with her photo on it were published in Pakistan months after her death.
27 The Pakistani capital's airport has been renamed Benazir Bhutto International Airport in her memory on her 55th birthday anniversary.
28 The Rawalpindi General Hospital, where Bhutto died, has been renamed Benazir Bhutto Hospital.
29 She avoided shaking hands with men because of paying respect to the Islamic rules of her country.
30 An evocative image of the former Pakistan Prime Minister took the top prize in a prestigious photography awards scheme in London on 11th of June 2008.
31 Benazir's sister-in-law (Farial Talpur) is the guardian of Bhutto's children in keeping with the slain leader's will.
32 A monument of Benazir Bhutto has been built at Liaquat Bagh.
33 Was sister-in-law of Faryal Talpur (Politician).
34 After Benazir's death many of her party members asked her sister to accept becoming the leader of PPP but she refused.
35 After their arranged marriage was announced on July 29, 1987, Asif sent Benazir roses every day and gave her a heart-shaped ring of diamonds and sapphires.
36 Wore a white silk tunic with gold-embroidery on the day of her marriage with Asif Ali Zardari.
37 When she was Prime Minister, she used to carry a baby Bilawal in her arms, even to official functions, much to her aides' consternation.
38 Shabana Azmi(Indian actress) is a huge fan of hers.
39 Given International Chicago Labour Confederation Award in a ceremony held on Labour Day 2th of May 2008. The ceremony, organized by International Chicago Labour Confederation, was held at Al Hamra Hall in which tribute was paid to the slain Pakistan Peoples Party Chairperson for her memorable services for restoration of democracy more than 5 months after her death.
40 She is the fourth member of her family to die an unnatural death and third in the Bhutto dynasty to die as a politician.
41 Interested in history.
42 Awarded Irish Tipperary Peace Award on 26th of April 2008, 5 months after her death.
43 National Badminton Championship of Pakistan has been named after her.
44 Zardari took over the leadership of Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party after her slaying in a suicide attack in December. Her party went on to win the most seats in elections and nominate the prime minister.
45 Few days after her death, Simin Behbahani (Iranian poet) published a poem about her.
46 Was a collector of pearl jewelery sets.
47 Gave birth to her second child (Bakhtawar) on 25 January 1990. She was believed to be the first elected world leader to give birth while in office.
48 She was buried in Garhi Khuda Bukhsh, a family grave yard for all Bhutto family members.
49 Spent much of her youth abroad and initially struggled with Urdu in her early years in politics.
50 A close friend of Amy Wilentz, famous writer.
51 Her house was in the Dubai Hills region of Dubai city.
52 Her sister Sanam Bhutto is a graduate of Politics from Harvard University.
53 Educated at elite English-language Pakistani schools, several run by nuns, she lived the life of an indulged and adored wealthy child and teenager.
54 Both Benazir and her son attended Karachi Grammar School. Kofi Annan(former UN president) and Kamila Shamsi (Pakistani novelist) were also students of that school.
55 Had a niece (daughter of Sanam Bhutto) named Azadeh and a nephew (son of Sanam Bhutto) named Shariar.
56 According to The "Times" and the "Australian Magazine" (May 4, 1996) she was one of the 100 most powerful women in the World.
57 In year 1972 Shabana Azmiwas offered the role of Benazir in a Hindi movie and she accepted it but Benazir did not agree. After BB's death in 2008, Azmi was again offered this role in a new Hindi movie, and accepted it.
58 The street she was killed in it and the Garden she had her last speech in (layique Baque) were named (Shahrah Benazir Bhutto) after her death there.
59 Last of 4 siblings who got married at age 34.
60 Benazir and her husband named their home in Karachi, "Bilawal house" which is their son's name.
61 Her last book was published on 12 Feb 2008 all over the world.
62 Asif Ali Zardari, Bhutto's husband served eight years in jail from 1996 to 2004 on charges that were eventually dropped and which he says were politically motivated.
63 She wanted her children, especially her son Bilawal, to continue her path.
64 When her husband was in jail she migrated to London with her 3 children to live there with her sister's family. After her husband came out of jail, she migrated to Dubai with him and their children.
65 After her death people asked her sister, Sanam to become the chairman of PPP but she ignored this request.
66 Died in Naheed Khan's arms. Khan was Benazir's closest friend and one of the most important members of PPP.
67 Loved coffee.
68 Her special assistant and close friend was with her on the day of suicide attack but she wasn't killed since she didn't exit from the sunroof of the car.
69 The doctors who first tried to revive Benazir Bhutto had clearly stated that they saw bullet wounds entry and exit.
70 Mother, Nusrat Beygum Bhutto, didn't want her to become a politician.
71 Her name means "wonderful". Also her son's name means "wonderful".
72 Her mother is Persian so Benazir could speak Farsi.
73 Was fluent in English.
74 Was three years older than husband Asif Ali Zardari..
75 Has a sister named Sanam. She is 3 years younger than Benazir.
76 After surviving a suicide-bomb attack in Karachi shortly after her return from exile on 18 October 2007, she was shot by an assassin before detonating an explosive vest hidden about his person, killing about 20 people in the town of Rawalpindi (27 December 2007).
77 Two of her brothers, Shanawaz and Murtaza, both were killed under suspicious circumstances.
78 Graduated from Oxford University after becoming the first Asian woman to be president of the Oxford Union, a debating society.
79 After having faced over 90 legal cases (corruption, laundering state-owned money etc.) in Pakistan since the mid-1990s, she moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
80 Has three children, Bilawal (b. 1988), Bakhtawar (b. 1990) and Asifa (b. 1994).
81 First woman to lead a post-colonial Muslim country as Prime Minister of Pakistan. She served two non-consecutive terms from 2 December 1988 to 6 August 1990 and from 19 October 1993 to 5 November 1996.
82 Daughter of Ali Bhutto and Nusrat Beigum Bhutto.

1 Now, when people are dying, you don't really look at who's offering the help. You take it. The first issue should be to help the people.
2 Asif and I had made a very calculated, difficult decision. We understood the dangers and the risks of my return, and we wanted to make sure that no matter what happened, our daughters and our son, Bilawal (at Oxford), would have one of us to take care of them.It was a discussion that few husbands and wives ever have to have, thankfully... The people of Pakistan will always come first. My children understood it and not only accepted it but encouraged me. I thank all of them, Asif and my children. (On her returning from Dubai to Pakistan)
3 I think that Asif Ali Zardari also associated with certain people which gave him a bad name. I think my husband also had a different view about patronage than what is now acceptable. But to say that he broke the law, to say that he stole money, to say that he was involved in illegal acts is wrong.-on her husband
4 My 3 children have told me they are very worried about my safety. I do understand these fears. But they are Bhuttos and we have to face the future with courage, whatever it brings.
5 It's true that General Musharraf opposes my return, seeing me as a symbol of democracy in the country. He is comfortable with dictatorship. I hope better sense prevails.
6 The government I led gave ordinary people peace, security, dignity, and opportunity to progress.
7 When I was growing up as a child, we were always taught that you shall have your religion, and I shall have my religion; that every religious group has to respect another religious interpretation, whether it is within the Muslim fold or outside.
8 I would very much like to see the United States link its support, its financial and military assistance to Pakistan, to the restoration of democracy, to the holding of elections that are free, fair and impartial and open to all political parties.
9 After all, Al-Qaeda has tried to kill me several times: why would we think they wouldn't try again as I return from exile to fight for the democratic elections they so detest?
10 I couldn't have a love match. I was under so much scrutiny. If my name had been linked with a man, it would have destroyed my political career. Actually, I had reconciled myself to a life without marriage or children for the sake of my career ... So keeping in mind that many people in Pakistan looked to me, I decided to make a personal sacrifice in what I thought would be, more or less, a loveless marriage, a marriage of convenience. The surprising part is that we are very close and that it's been a very good match ... I'd love to arrange my own children's marriages. - on her marriage to Asif Ali Zardari
11 Every dictator uses religion as a prop to keep himself in power. - in a CBS TV interview
12 We are prepared to risk our lives. We're prepared to risk our liberty. But we're not prepared to surrender this great nation to militants. The attack was on what I represent. The attack was on democracy and very unity and integrity of Pakistan.
13 There's a focus on the present; don't worry about tomorrow. ... when the time comes that I have to die, I'll die!
14 I'm calling for General Musharraf to step down, to quit, to leave, to end martial law. I will not be able to work with General Musharraf because I simply would not be able to believe anything he said to me. - On President Musharraf
15 Don't worry, I'm going to be safe, and God willing I'm going to be safe. - The day she left Dubai to Pakistan after 8 years.
16 I've never had a bank account in Switzerland since 1984. Why would the Swiss do this to me? Maybe the Swiss are trying to divert attention from the Holocaust gold scandal.
17 You can imprison a man, but not an idea. You can exile a man, but not an idea. You can kill a man, but not an idea.

1 Hermes scarfs
2 White head scarfs

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